Painful Encounters

A Humorous Story Of A Bite-Size Problem

Misty Falls © PCWitz

The painful tale repeatedly reminisced by close friends on camping trips, still creates as much hysterically laughter today as it did forty-five years ago.

The story starts innocently enough. On a hot summer’s backpacking trip, four sweaty guys took advantage of the remote wilderness and decided to skinny-dip in a cool stream pool off the beaten path. All was serene and comforting until a mean overly zealous huge black carpenter ant latched onto one of the guys… ah… how should I say… umm… manhood!

The ginormous mandible creature angrily refused to relinquish its prey regardless of the attempts to release its devastating grasp. The fierce scream, grip, tug and pull battle lasted several noticeably excruciating minutes. In due course, the battle was decisively won following decapitation and two-evenhandedly tweezing open the dead beast’s unrelenting clutch.

Can’t fault all the hysterical laughter and ruthless teasing. The site of a naked young man jumping around on the edge of a cold forest stream, screaming like a crazy wounded Banshee, all the while trying to remove a pint-sized carnivorous predator from his… umm… extremity, could be viewed as painfully humorous. However, I personally didn’t think the situation was that funny… ’cause that damn ant bite really hurt!

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