Curmudgeonly aging writer, photographer, artist, and teacher of tiny humans

“Needs Salt!” (Image courtesy author, Patrick Witz)

Hello, I’m Patrick Witz…

A curmudgeonly aging brother, husband, father, grandfather, writer, photographer, artist, teacher of tiny humans, and a nice guy whose in-laws (I swear) use Italian expletives when speaking about me.

I’m an award-winning short story author that loves to bring words to life in readers’ minds: strum…

My first step on the stairway down from Heaven

Mass (courtesy josh-applegate Unsplash — modified #WitzFineArts)

My initial spiral down from heaven started after I attended my only eighth-grade graduation party. The post-graduation summer of 1969 changed my life.

I was twelve… mature enough to know, naïve enough to believe, and stupid enough to trust everything I was told.

During that summer, my religious beliefs, the…

Don’t ask, you may not like the answer.

It was football Sunday when, at fifteen years old, I first came into contact with the Devil. The Devil? How did I know it was the Devil? It’s not complicated, but requires some eggs-plaining.

It happened when the neighborhood group of buddies were hanging out down the street at a…

Where a child’s imagination and reality collide

Eyes See You (Image Courtesy of WitzFineArt)

At twelve years old, a kid can envision himself being anything his imagination can dream up. For years, whenever asked what I’d like to be when I grew up, I’d always say, “I’m gonna be a scientist.” …

But Medium makes listing all your stories easy and beneficial.

Crumpled off-white rectangular paper with a large black title print across the top, “Party Supplies”. Below the title are three columns with check boxes, listing 16 well known top brands of alcohol, two sodas, coke and seven up, red cups, ice and party hats.
Wild Party Supply List (courtesy sj-objio-Unsplash modified by WitzFineArts)

Anyone who has ever been married knows about the dreaded Honey-Do list. Yup, that nagging list of things the wife or partner expects or wishes a husband or partner would get done around the house. You know that kind of list:

⬜ Take out the garbage;

⬜ Wash the dishes…

Good and bad odors are never forgotten — here’s why

Elderly man with a white beard, wearing glasses, brimmed straw hat, wearing a white t-shirt under a denim blue long sleeved jacket with both sleeves rolled up, puffing on a pipe, while sitting at a wood picnic table in the park with trees, reading a notebook tablet.
Puff of Pipe Smoke (Photo courtesy peter-gombos-Unsplash modified by WitzFineArt)

Recently I was walking through a park and caught a whiff of familiarity. The faint smell of cherry pipe tobacco smoke instantly catapulted a flood of childhood memories into the present.

As individuals age, they can experience an amazing bizarre neurological phenomenon that seems ghostly scary and possibly clairvoyant.


How a diverse anthology came to life and the lessons learned along the way

The Button Guy. In front of a pitch black background, different colorful varieties of buttons are stacked and linked together to form a person with arms and legs flung out in jubilation. Two peril buttons with gold fringes form eyes and a wavy button on top of his head looks like a silver Trump wig.
The Button Guy (Image courtesy of author and WitzFineArt)

“Through Button Eyes: A Collection of Short Fiction” is the baby to a marriage of seven unequivocally different writers collaborating to share their love of creative writing. That love of imaginative script is apparent in the fifteen diverse short stories in this award-winning anthology.

Members of Placer Gold Writer’s group…

A brief pro/con analysis of writer’s benefits

Big egg with happy face, little egg with miserable face against white background. Courtesy  daniele-levis-pelusi-unsplash modified by Witz Fine Arts.
Big Bird and Little Bird (courtesy daniele-levis-pelusi-unsplash modified by WitzFineArts)

I’ve submitted and been published in both big and small Medium publications. My story’s views are likewise, both big and small. One story has over 6,600 views and another has a grand total of eleven. I’ve made $0.51 on the big one and $0.50 on the little one. Go figure…

A twisted tale why privacy is not an option

“Watching Over You” (image courtesy Daniele-Colucci-Unsplash modified by WitzFineArt)

As a youth minister, I typically have to address many questions presented when teaching the bible. Not all the student’s questions have specific simple quotable scripture or biblical examples. Some, to describe it accurately, are divinely influenced shots from the hip.

From my years of theological studies, I learned Ministers…

Can writers trust Medium’s algorithms?

Pennies for Coffee (Image Courtesy WitzFineArt)


I’m not a mathematician and although I can find my way around a computer screen, there are no post-nominal initials, titles, or designatory alphabet after my name for coding and computer logic. It’s awkward to post on Medium about Medium (something about nibbling the hand that feeds you sort of…

Patrick Witz

Short story award winner who loves to bring words to life in readers’ minds: strum emotions; sculpt characters; create captivating dialogue & colorful settings.

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